anti slip stair treads

GRP Stair Tread Covers provide an easy, cost effective way to increase safety of stairways. They provide a solid slip-resistant surface that can be installed over wood, concrete, tiled or metal steps. Stair Tread Covers offer excellent corrosion resistance characteristics and are extremely durable and hard wearing. Inclusion of a high visibility nosing ensures DDA requirements are met. Standard thickness for our GRP Stair Tread Covers is 6 mm.



GRP Anti-Slip Plate is a 4 mm solid thick gritted plate system that can be retrofitted onto structures that are still structurally sound such as concrete, chequer plate, steel mesh and timber. GRP anti-slip products have the highest friction factor for any walk-on surface, therefore minimising costly slips and trips in a working environment. Unlike anti-slip steel painted products, which after impact will begin to chip and peel away, our anti-slip GRP range will withstand significant abuse and will not chip or peel. Our Anti-Slip Plate is non-porous, resists dirt build up, is easily cleaned and can withstand aggressive cleaning agents. As well as our standard Anti-Slip Plate sizes, we can manufacture bespoke Anti-Slip Plate sizes, including the level of thickness, the degree of surface grit, any colour option, and the choice of resin most suitable for the application’s environment (including chemical and fire).